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the main goal of the gobj project is to create an operating system that can be put on top of a microkernel or that can also be run as single program or a server on a computer.

this os will implement the gobj object management system, io interfaces, user and security management as well as error catching and logging features.
additionaly to this i will create an easy to use user frontend.

the gobj object management system is a newly designed object oriented approach to the data-holding and data-manipulating abilities of a computer. the gobj object management system may have some features in common with a old-style programming language, but it includes much things more. it may be used as interpreter, but at the same time it is a database, an object request broker and a transaction manager...

my goals in designing the gobj object management system were the following:

another aspect of this project is, that the work on it causes a rather big improvement of my skills in the development of relatively big programs, writing easy-to-read code, documenting it and in leading the whole project to a satisfying end.
my goals in terms of coding are:


good progress on all components (2001/08/17)

moved to the SourceForge system (2001/06/08)

core system finished; first example (simple webserver) available (2001/03/11)


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