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here are just a few examples i made up in my mind for the design of the gobj object model:

example 1:
you intend to write a documentation for your product and you are now searching for the fitting documentation system. you recognize that there are several possibilities such as: html, tex, texinfo, windows-help, ms word, pdf, raw text, man, ...

but as you may want to publish your documentation in many different forms, you have to notice that it is difficult to convert your text from one of this types to another.

the gobj solution of this problem is that you create a text object to which you add your text in content-based formatting (eg. divided into chapters, sections etc). to convert your text into on of the types above, just use the appropriate view of the text object (such as html, tex etc).

example 2:
you want to solve the equation 5x+4=7.

there are two possible ways in gobj to solve this problem:
you create an equation object with the sub-objects (called children) addition(multiplication(5, x), 4) and 7. then you use the solve view of the equation object to solve it.

but there is also an even easier solution. create a math-parser object to convert the text "5x+4=7" into the appropiate gobj-tree (as above)and pass it to an equation object to solve it.


good progress on all components (2001/08/17)

moved to the SourceForge system (2001/06/08)

core system finished; first example (simple webserver) available (2001/03/11)


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